tia Gendusa

Painter / Artist



Only 4 years ago I discovered my true talent in life, as well as my purpose. Through my art I want to help people and give back. I want my art to mean more than just a piece of art. I want it to have a deeper meaning and a deeper purpose. I decided that at the end of every year I will be donating 7% of all my earned profits to charity. This year, 2019, I am donating to Animal Rescue New Orleans.


I'm Tia, and this is me.

I am a young Italian woman from New Orleans who has an obsession with bulldogs. I can be a bit dorky at times haha. But that's just me. I love to laugh until I cry and I love to paint all through the night. I have always believed that you should find your gift in life and use it to help those in need. The gift God has given you is suppose to be shared with the world, not kept to yourself. So I challenge you to share your gift with others.  

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Proudly created by yours truly, Tianna Gendusa