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At the end of every year I will be donating 7% of all my sold artwork to the Charity or Foundation of my choice.     

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I am unable to connect to the charity or foundation directly through my "Donate" button above. It will direct you to my personal account and I will personally transfer your donation to ARNO. A receipt of donation will be provided.

Sorry for inconvenience. 

I believe that how we care for our self and others, is how we should care for all animals. That is why I chose to donate to ARNO at the end of 2019. Lets make this year about LOVING ALL. Even if they have fur, scales, feathers or shells. Love and care for all who are different <3.



"Animal Rescue New Orleans (ARNO) is an organization created and dedicated to the rescue and aid of abandoned and homeless animals in the New Orleans area, including responding to the immediate needs of those in need of medical care or those too old, too young, too sick, neglected, abused and deprived of love. ARNO promotes the foster, adoption and reunion of pets with caretakers as well as spaying and neutering all companion animals through our no-kill shelter." 


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