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Hi, my name is Tianna Gendusa, I have a Frenchie named Donnie (more like “Stitch”) and I love to paint. Here’s a quick rundown about me!


I adore nature, but specifically the beach. I could live out there.

I've always had an obsession with the bully breeds and now I have one! His name is Donnie but he could be the real life stitch. Not just because they look alike but how he acts like him. haha I love that little dude!

I think that life should be about doing what you love. Finding your true passion and purpose in life and using it to help others. Do the things that bring you happiness!



In elementary school when asked what I wanted to become, my answer was always a scientist. I always wanted to mix chemicals and wear that long white lab coat with those oversized goggles. Now, I'm mixing paint and wearing an oversized paint suit!

In middle school, I learned that Math was not my friend and knew we would have a struggling relationship for the years to follow. Why do I have to find X? X can go find itself, okay.

In high school, I really shined when it came to sports. Volleyball was my main sport back in the day. 

As for College, I initially went without knowing what I was going for. Now, three years later I have a degree in Interior Design!


I have always been into art for as long as I can remember. I first started out with drawing. I was always thinking outside of the box and being very creative. I didn't truly learn how to paint until my senior year of highschool. The teacher, in my art class, choose me to do a live art performance in front of the whole school. Ever since then I have been painting.


I grew up in an Italian family. Yes, we are loud, crazy and big. And yes, we all know how to cook.

I have one sibling, my sister Gianna. No, we aren't twins, but we get along and fight as if we were.

We have an unusual family tradition. We like to make dogs howl when singing Happy Birthday. It's pretty hilarious when we sing it "Gendusa style" in public. We get a lot of confused stares and looks.  


Proudly created by yours truly, Tianna Gendusa