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the ARIS house

We used nothing but the best materials to create not just a great looking home, but also a well built one. I wanted to bring a fresh feel throughout the design, both inside and out. Using natural materials like wood, marble and Venetian plaster, really brought a warm feeling to this home. Custom finishing touches are all throughout the house, from the cabinets, to the door casings and even down to the receptacle placements. It's a one of a kind home, like no other on its block.


The Main Dining

We wanted to revamp the restaurant to bring an old speakeasy feel to the Main Dining. The vision was, when you entered the space you would feel like you went back in time to the 1920's. By using darker colors, red velvet and the Art Deco pattern we achieved this intimate speakeasy mood. Vintage photos and collectables are placed throughout the restaurant for an added touch. 

 The Front Room

This room has a completely different atmosphere than the Main Dining. We wanted it to have a more fun and welcoming mood. I designed it to resemble an old world Sicilian cafe, by using colorful tiles, real plants and aged concrete. The fresh plants really give that day time cafe feel, while the aged concrete gives that old world feel.

The Hallway

The concept for the hallway is the time traveling portal. The only way to enter the Main Dining room, which is a 1920's vibe, is thru the long hallway. Currently it is made up of several different faux finishes that blend into one another. A time line of how the Italians came to America and our story will wrap around the walls down the hallway.Project is currently in progress...  

cabernet BATHROOM

Dark & Bold is what this client wanted and that is what they got! This design was purposefully created to give an edgy masculine feel with all the dark colors and straight line work. Adding subtle bits of feminine design with a multi layered rounded mirror and delicate fixtures keeps this bathroom balanced. Project is currently in progress...


I was apart of the design team who worked on Rizzuto's. My specialty was to create the artwork throughout the space and to help select materials. I worked under the head designer to make this lovely restaurant come to life. Our goal was to create an upscale dining experience with a modern spin on a traditional Italian design. Using a neutral pallete and antique accessories gave the space a timeless look while still keeping it fresh.